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Our mission


Our mission at the Hôpital Vétérinaire des Trois-Lacs is to provide high-end veterinary care with love and compassion for your favorite household pet. 


We promote maintenance of your pets optimal health at every stage of its life through quality care and prevention of disease. 


As part of an annual examination, the veterinarian will discuss such topics as sterilization; vaccination; weight management; dental care; prevention of external parasite infestation (fleas, ticks, etc.), internal (gastro-intestinal) parasite control, and heartworm prevention; blood and urine analyses; as well as advice on nutrition and animal behaviour management. 


Our pets are part of our families and we expect the same type of medical care for them as we would for ourselves. We all have our own pets and we fully understand the feelings when our animals are injured or not well. Our goal is to offer compassionate caring for all animals that are presented to us needing veterinary care. We strive to administer the appropriate medical or surgical treatment for your animal while always providing the best possible pain control when appropriate.


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